Collectors: Sellingthewind

For this month’s Collectors Edition, we have the presence of Matt, aka Sellingthewind.

Enjoy it.


1. Tell us a bit about yourself
My name is Matt and I am from the US. My instagram is @sellingthewind and i am also part of @Chomponkicks and chomponkicks.com.

2. Favorite skate shoes brand? Model?
My favorite brands are C1rca and éS footwear. My favorite model tends to change from week to week between the C1rca JT801 and the Circa Cx201.

3. When did you start collecting skate shoes? Why?
I have been hoarding skate shoes since i started skating in 98/99. I was young and was always excited about the next model or colorway. I never thought of it as collecting but I would have a closet with a bunch of shoes half skated or barely used with no box.

I blame Magazines and catalogs for my specific taste in shoes haha. There was a special way of how brands were advertising the shoes that caught my interest. I’m not sure whether it was the angles, lighting or skaters that made them look so damn good.  I Started to seriously collect skate shoes in 2013. (Found the tag #sk8shoewars and the great community that went with it).

4. How many sneakers do you have in your collection?
I have about 130 pairs in my collection. About 10 of which are newer and 20 arent that rare but are still older.

5. Top 5 of the favorite shoes in your collection?

1. C1rca CM503 – Red/white.
2. éS Muska – Tan.
3. C1rca CX201 – Navy.
4. C1rca JT801 – White.
5. C1rca MA402 – Tan/Black.



6. A characteristic that a shoe should have for you to choose
A tongue that has a good shape to compliment the design of the shoe.

7. What is your favorite era of skate shoes?
My favorite era of skate shoes was from 1998 to about 2005.

8. Were there any skate shoes you loved and never could have?
Yes, many, DC Dash, éS Quattro, Lakai Nyla, DC Kayron, DC Synapse, all white leather JT801 with icy clear soles (recently got some used, still looking for new) and blk/red leather Cm901
Many more.

9. Top 5 of current skate shoes

1. Etnies Marana.
2. éS Swift.
3. éS Accel OG.
4. éS SLB 97.
5. Supra Ellington.

10. Top 5 skate shoes old skool, the ones you used when you were a kid.

1. DC Williams – Grey/Yellow.
2. C1rca  CX201.
3. C1rca CX201R.
4. éS Koston.
5. Osiris Targa.



11. Anything you want to say?
The nostalgia of skate shoes from the past has gotten me to truly appreciate what I was able to wear as a kid.
Growing up, we weren’t incredibly wealthy and skateboard gear wasn’t cheap. Every Christmas and birthday seemed as if it would be the last that I would get a new board and some fresh kicks.
I would bring every Transworld, CCS, and Intensity Skates catalog to school and just flip to every shoe ad to see what dope models all the brands were coming out with.
My favorite moments were getting so hyped up on the teaser ads from the introduction of C1rca as a company.
When they finally showed the CM901, I lost my shit. That shoe got me thinking that I was finally going to be able to skate like Muska, or be able to walk on the moon.
It was wishful thinking when I put «muska shoes from ccs» on my christmas list that my parents would understand what that meant as well as spend $100 on shoes.
Some other shoes that I totally got hyped from magazine ads were, DC Stevie Williams, éS Koston 3, C1rca JT801.
Whether it was the angles or the lighting, they certainly knew how to develop my taste for shoes at a very young age.

Instagram: @sellingthewind
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