For the second release of Collectors, we have Norman, aka @n_o_r_m, another golden era skate shoes collector.
Norman is not one of those collectors, that owns a huge amount of skate shoes, he focuses on having those pairs that are important and significant for him.
Enjoy it.

Before I start, I would like to thank everyone, for the great success of the first Collectors release, I’m glad you enjoyed it, as much as I did.
This just starts, and there are collectors for awhile.
Enormously grateful to all those who were enthusiastic about the idea, and answered questions.


1. Tell us a bit about yourself
Just a skateboarder from Boise, Idaho that got into skating in the latter half of its golden era. I’ve since been obsessed with skate shoes, their design, and their function. I remember always taking CCS and Monster Skate catalogs to school and staring at every page any chance I could especially the shoe sections.

2. Favorite skate shoes brand? Model?
Growing up my favorite brands were éS, Emerica, DC, Genetic, and Globe. Always loved their technical designs with all the bells and whistles. Hard to pick just one brand or model but I really like what éS is doing right now with a lot of their heritage inspiring their current lines.

3. When did you start collecting skate shoes? Why?
I started collecting skate shoes in 2014. I was basically fed up with the skate shoes that were available at the time. I started thinking about a time when I’d go to a skateshop and couldn’t decide what shoe to get because I liked so many. At one point it became the exact opposite – I disliked all the shoes my local shops carried. I turned to Ebay just to browse and was amazed to see the shoes people all over the world had held onto. I started ordering online and skated in some of the pairs I bought. Then there were some I really liked and decided to keep either as a collectible or to wear casually.

4. How many sneakers do you have in your collection?
My collection is quite small at the moment, only about 15 shoes not including the shoes I skate in. I try to focus on having shoes that mean something significant to me rather than having stacks of random shoes.

5. Top 5 of the favorite shoes in your collection?
1. Globe GMOS 4 – Navy/White
2. éS Accel 20 – Black/Red
3. Emerica OG One – Black/Yellow
4. éS Saga – Black/White/Red
5. DC Williams – Grey/Navy



6. A characteristic that a shoe should have for you to choose
There are several things I look for in a shoe like heel support/cushioning, tongue stabilizers, padding in the tongue and collar, durable toecap, and of course I like the shoe to have a nice style too!

7. What is your favorite era of skate shoes?
My favorite era would be the early to mid 2000’s. At that time it seemed like shoes provided better support, protection, and durability.

8. Were there any skate shoes you loved and never could have?
Probably too many to name. One that stands out would be the DC Aerotech. I remember seeing the commercial all the time with Danny Way skating the DC ramp and you’d see text saying it was the most ventilated skate shoe ever and that it could breath through the outsole. I also remember really wanting the DC Reason, Etnies Vallely 2, and the Globe CT-V in all black. I also had a pair of the DVS Daewon 4 that I skated maybe once or twice before I outgrew them, so that might fall in this same category.

9. Top 5 of current skate shoes
1. Etnies Marana – Black/Grey/Gum
2. éS Accel OG – Black/Gum
3. Supra Ellington – Navy/White/Gum
4. éS Accel Slim – Black/Gum
5. Globe CT-IV Classic – Black/Black

10. Top 5 skate shoes old skool, the ones you used when you were a kid.
1. Emerica Reynolds – Black/Gum
2. Globe CT-IV – Navy/White
3. éS Rodrigo TX – Black/Black/White
4. éS Rodrigo TX 2 – Black/Black
5. DC Theory – Navy/White

11. Anything you want to say?
Thank you for letting me chime in. Looking forward to the direction skate shoes are heading in with so many brands remaking shoes and bringing more technical aspects to their lines. I’m optimistic for the future of skate shoes. Also looking very forward to what EraOne Footwear has in store.

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