Collectors: Adrian Ponce

 Tell us a bit about yourself
Hi Patricio and everybody at sk8shoesba.com
I’m a 37 years old Mexican guy but I live in Belgium since 2010 and engaged with skateboarding since 20+ years ago. Nowadays I am the main editor and cameraman of a local skateboarding website called BelgiumSkateMedia.com and I’m also one of the creators and editors of the Instagram account @Chomponkicks

I do not skate much in the last years because different kind of injuries but my connection with skateboarding has been there always since day one in everything I do and everywhere I go.


Favorite skate shoes brand? Model?
I always have to go for éS when talking about this subject, because what éS represents and all what they do since they came out in 1995. We can’t deny they always have great skaters at their side and even had one of the best skate teams ever (Menikmati times). But, at the end is hard for me to choose just one between éS, etnies, Emerica, C1RCA, DC, Duffs, Osiris, Axion and few others because all them made some of my all time favorite shoes for sure and all what they do or did has been a big influence for me.


When did you start collecting skate shoes? Why?
If we talk strictly about collecting, I have to say just something about 3 years ago. But I’m a big fan of the look and functionality of skate shoes since my first contact with skateboarding. I used to own the first skate shop in my little hometown in México and I remember that every time I was able to get skate shoes for myself or my friends (because was really hard to get them) we could stare at them and talk about them for hours in the same way we talk about decks and videos and then go out to skate and destroy them without pain, feeling we were pro’s I guess lol No regrets, they were made to skate!

How many sneakers do you have in your collection?
To be honest I’m not sure but last time I was checking I counted about 50-60 boxes, I’m sure that’s not much compared with other collections I know exist but I also like to move few pairs, selling and trading when the time seems correct or I put an eye in the next pick up. Some pairs still in totally mint condition but I like to wear some of them occasionally, just some sad times I have to pay the price because they can crumble or unglue. Some of them are about 20 years old haha collectors have to be careful always.


Top 5 of the favorite shoes in your collection?
Hard question, I don’t want to let any one out but here we go, from my actual pairs:

In the top of the list I have to say any colourway of my OG etnies SAL 23… I also have some of the OG ones from éS but in my opinion the ones from etnies have a better shape, especially in the toecap area, these are more comfortable, for my taste at least.

The rest of them go without a specific importance range:
2 – éS Accel OG black/black 10th Anniversary (the box by itself and the matching deck are amazing too).
3 – éS Norton McCrank X Girl collaboration.
4 – éS Koston EK01, black/green/white.
5 – Duffs Kris Markovich, white.

This is just too difficult haha I like a lot of pairs and I constantly change what you can call “my favorite ones”.




A characteristic that a shoe should have for you to choose
I like wide and comfortable toecaps, decent puffy tongues and techy soles are always welcome. Cup soles all day; I rarely choose a vulcanized shoe. Vulcanized soles are good to chill some times but not to skate, for me. Air capsules are always “cool” and I like that feature too, but they don’t work with every design, so it’s not 100% necessary. I’m always interested and attracted to new technology, that’s for sure.


What is your favorite era of skate shoes?
I have to choose something like between 1997 and 2005 era. Some people now think they were “moon boots” but at least they used better materials and lasted longer compared with nowadays shoes. Also they had more technical aspects for our own protection and comfort. And we can’t forget the important fact of having a lot of different looks and options to choose from; now most of shoes look really the same, lack of personality and originality. Even the nowadays ‘pro-models’ look kind of the same and some pro-skaters just get a ‘colourway’ and not a personalized design, that’s lame, sad and boring in my opinion. Back in the day even the boxes were original.


Were there any skate shoes you loved and never could have?
I always wanted badly few pairs and kind of still, I the hope of getting some soon or late, you never know haha.
– For sure the white éS Aura with System O2 is on top of the list.
– Also what I believe was the 1st DC Rudy Johnson’s pro-model in white/gum sole, even difficult to find in google images apparently.
-I like a lot the Jason Lee’s Airwalk, never had the chance to get some of those, quite simple but very good-looking shoes.
Let’s leave it like this because the list can continue with few pairs from Axion footwear and even from Osiris, like the ODS.


Top 5 of current skate shoes.
1Etnies Marana.
2éS Swift.
3Etnies Scout (to chill).
4éS Accel OG.
5DC Kalis Lite (to chill).
I feel sad saying this but, I can not find too many “interesting” shoes out there right now than the ones I just mentioned above… looking forward for the drop of the new kicks by “ERA one Footwear”, we have to keep and eye on this company and speak with our wallets, not just with “likes” and “cool comments”. I wish them the best. Look for them on Instagram and facebook tho.





Top 5 skate shoes old skool.
1 – Circa CM902 (Navy)
2 – éS Muska (White)
3 – Osiris Tyrone Olson
4 – Lakai Carroll (Light Grey)
5 – Axion Kareem Campbell – Nutek (Navy)





Anything you want to say?
Thanks for the interview. Keep tuned at @Chomponkicks and cheers to all the #OGSSC crew!