We present the new section of sk8shoesba, called Collectors.
In recent years has increased the number of collectors of skate shoes worldwide.
Social networks, had a lot to do, skaters, shoe lovers, especially, began to share their collection and we started to know, share information, talk about sneakers, brands, things that we never imagined before.
People like Ben, Jean, Ron, Brian, Matt, Norm, Albert, Stefan, I do not want to forget any, share their passion and in this section we want to tell you a little more about them.
For the first Collectors, we have Stefan, from @darkslide86, a lover of the 90/00, the golden era of skate shoes;
I hope you enjoy.


1. Tell us a bit about yourself
Hi. my real name is Stefan Bernhard but most know me under the name «darkslide86«. I collect og skate shoes and sneakers in general and just simply love the skateboarding and shoe culture. 90ies to late 2000s was the golden era and i am still a sucker for that. one love.

2. Favorite skate shoes brand? Model?
That’s probably the hardest question you can ask any skate shoe collector… but imma go with the C1rca «CM901» Chad Muska pro model and the first Eric Koston «K1» on eS. Stash pocket.. visible air unit… a overall design you just haven’t seen till date. both were ahead of its time and brought a certain style to the game that is still untouchable. everything Muska and Koston touched during that time was pure gold.

3. When did you start collecting skate shoes? Why?
That’s hard to say i’ve been collecting sneakers for a while… i love jordan’s and all kind basketball shoes and always looked out for good skate shoes too. so you could say since i started getting my own money. cause before that my mum paid for koston’s and muskas haha but you know how it is.. i gave a lot of stuff away in certain phases of life, skated em to pieces or just threw stuff out… so i would say i put my main focus on rare og skate shoes again like 3 years ago, started getting in the collectors circle and met a lot of good peeps. thats a big plus. i love my skate shoe fam.
Why i collect? mmm, i guess out of love.

4. How many sneakers do you have in your collection?
Lot of people ask me that. to be honest i have no idea and stopped counting a while ago and it’s also a come and go… «don’t know, i just love shoes..» is usually my response :).

5. Top 5 of the favorite shoes in your collection?
1. C1rca CM901
2. C1rca CM902
3. éS Koston 1
4. éS SLB OG
5. DVS J.Dill


6. A characteristic that a shoe should have for you to choose
A fat tongue and a techy sole.

7. What is your favorite era of skate shoes?
Late 90ies to early 2000s, da golden era

8. Were there any skate shoes you loved and never could have?
Love that question. yeah a lot i guess.. first one that comes to my mind is the DC Stevie Williams

9. Top 5 of current skate shoes
1. éS Accel Slim
2. ERAONE Origin
3. Emerica B.Westgate or Herman G6
4. Adidas Busenitz Pro
5. Supra Ellington
6. DC Kalis Lite

10. Top 5 skate shoes old skool, the ones you used when you were a kid.
1. Emerica Reynolds 1 black
2. éS Koston blue/grey/blk
3. éS Sword white/yellow
4. C1rca CM902 red/silver
5. Vita N.Kaupas black

11. Anything you want to say?
Thank you for asking me to do this interview Patricio, it was fun!

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